Tuesday, June 11, 2013

you probably think this post is about you.

and it totally is.
and by you i mean me.
here are my favorite posts
i have ever written. 

my dad doesn't think i'm funny. 

an analysis of emma watson's relationship
with the harry potter's top three pretty boys. 

scratched retinas,
google images,
and the reason i swore to never get them again.

i'm quite positive this is when i fell in love.
i wouldn't admit it to myself.
i couldn't.
but my heart knew. 
i was a goner. 

because this was the morning after i realized
all i wanted in life was to be with cory forever.
new york didn't matter.
national geographic didn't matter.
fame didn't matter.
all that mattered was that he would be
by my side all the time no matter what. 

the most magical display of fourth of july fireworks
i have ever witnessed.

my plea to get him back. 
i will never stop missing him. 

i'm still not over it.

because i have really good ideas
when i'm on my death bed. 

i'm a sap.

overkill. i know.
cory just told me i was dumb.
"you really think people are going to go back
and reread all your posts?
how many times have you read harry potter?"


ashley. said...

well i personally found it quite enjoyable going back and re-reading your posts. and the harry potter ones will always be a favorite.

kylee said...

tell cory that i not only read them all, but commented on all of them too.

Ashley said...

btdubs, went on a harry potter walking tour in London last Sunday, thought you'd like to know ;)

beth said...

How many times HAVE you read HP? ;)

carla thorup said...

one of the reasons i blog is so i can go back and look at my stuff. it's the best form of vanity ;)