Tuesday, November 20, 2012

he's my rushmore.

i woke up at four in the morning 
and couldn't get back to sleep.
i kept my eyes closed
as a feeble attempt to prevent baggy under eye syndrome.
at six, i showered and spent most of that time shaving my legs.
never in my life have i paid so much attention to my knee hairs.
as i brushed my teeth before my hair appointment,
i threw up.
my stomach was full of drunk butterflies
constantly slamming into each other.
the stylist had to do my hair twice.
i cried a little 
and then had a mild panic attack.
after getting my hair done and my face on, 
i rushed home, got dressed, and chugged a cup of mint tea.
i was late to my own wedding. 
once we got to the temple, 
everything seemed to slow down.
i couldn't believe i was getting married.
this was actually happening
and it was happening to me. 

i hugged my parents
and kissed my fiancee goodbye.
these were my final minutes as a porter.
i felt the butterflies all over again.
but this time, they were more excited than drunk.
in just a few minutes,
my life would change in the best way.
 before i knew it,
i was in a room surrounded by all the people i love,
getting sealed to my best friend forever.
i smiled and cried the whole time.
it was the most perfect moment of my life.
it is the most perfect moment of my life.

street/foto cred
goes to the one and only,
anna james.
homegurl knows how to click a camera
and sing like an angel
and be super  kewl.
she literally does everything.


Alex said...

Oh god you're making me cry and it's not even 10:30 here. THE THINGS YOU DO TO ME, YOU PRETTY WOMAN.

beth said...

I WANT TO SEE THE REST!!!!!!! P.S. You are goooood looking people

Elisha said...

I'd be so nervous about him looking at my legs that day.. Bahaha.


kandice said...

brissa, these are so beautiful.
you're so beautiful.

i need more.
also, ♥ you

emilymcb said...

So glad I got to be there for this day :)

Shaylynn, They Let Me Blog. said...


i've been excited to see the photos.

i love how much you love him.

i do. i really do.

i also love you and that we were speaking on the way to the wedding you were late for..

jessie said...

ah. i love it.

kylee said...

so maybe i had chills throughout this entire post and maybe i teared up too. i love your love and i love your prettiness and i love your way with words.

ayley said...

this is my favorite post ever about a wedding. ever.

Ashley said...

beautiful beautiful photos!!!!!! LOVE. Knee hairs...HAHA!

Ashley said...

Oh and I like the slight blog makeover!

Gentri said...

Oh this is amazing. How beautiful and I love the recap of your special day. :)

Jenna said...

Just. Amazing. And such beautiful photos!

Krystal said...

aw, this is so beautiful...i love reading about your wedding, and the photos...you look hawt!

Kari said...

You two are the freaking cutest! Bah!! I just simply love every piece of this!!

Kelli Anderson said...

gimme gimme. gimme gimme. gimme more

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...


kylee said...

knee hairs, how do you get rid of them because i NEVER can?! but most importantly, i want to know how to love like you do.