Wednesday, November 21, 2012

...denim chicken...?

being sick has always been the worst.
but having to work while sick
is the absolute worst.

my uniform for the past two days
has revolved around comfort.
leggings + loose dress + blazer + scarf + ponytail.
tights + "fancy" sweater + scarf + bun.
comfort is key.
if i can feel like a baby wrapped in a blanket
and have it be accepted by society,
i'll do it.

back to the point of this story.
even though being sick sucks, 
i believe it ignites my creativity.
this morning i had some of my best ideas to date.
dead serious.

idea one:
 a dress made out of sweats.
idea two: 
toast butter that tastes like donut glaze. 


from head 2 toe said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA. You are gonna need a sweatpants dress to have butter glaze! So good.

Elisha said...


Shelby said...

Donut glaze butter... I think that is the best idea I have ever heard!

Alex said...

That glaze. You're a genius. Girl.

-Danica- said...

Yeah you are really onto something. You could market the donut glaze in bottles, and then when you sell it on infomercials they can add in the sweat dress. Complete genius!

meme-and-he said...

ahh I totally know how you feel. Sometimes I try to figure out how to wear sweatpants to work without anyone knowing. If I tuck them into boots and wear a long sweater, will anyone notice?! eh?

Shaylynn, They Let Me Blog. said...

Those are great ideas, fantastic ideas.

Briss, girl.. Can we see each other soon? my heart misses you. Granted once we're all better. Not more sickness inflicted on either of us.

Happy Thanksgiving..

P.S. At work I mentioned the idea of donut flavored ice cream. Everyone had a thumbs down, of course I freaked out on them because it's genius.

Ashley said...

Are you on the meds?


kylee said...

i feel inspired to eat a donut tomorrow.