Wednesday, June 12, 2013


instead of focusing on just one thing
that grates on my nerves,
i'm going to make a little list.

the term "pet peeve."
stupid drivers.
people who don't accelerate after they merge.
people who disrespect their parents.
^ this one makes me more sad than annoyed. ^
buying dry bread.
lazy people.
rude people.
selfish people.
[occasionally] people in general.

and finally,
female narrators for audio books.
i just cannot stand them.
i'm extremely picky when it comes to people reading to me.
the only female i have ever allowed read to me
was tina fey via bossypants. 
because, duh.


Andrea said...

female narrators trying to do the male's voices. EWWWWWWWWW

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

I have never, ever listened to a book. And now I am worried about it.

Harley said...

even british women? like M from james bond?

Tiffany said...

i would love to go robot hunting! and i have tons of pet peeves as well ... mainly revolving around drivers and people with bad hygiene. ugh.

two of my friends are voice over artists and do audio books. they are actually pretty good. said...

jim dale is the only male allowed to tell me stories ever, SORRY NOT SORRY.

oh and ew to kids being mean to their parents. when i was little my mom was (still is) my BFF/big sister in disguise and also bought me ice cream lots. why be mean to a lovely person like that? lame-os.

Ashley said...

do you ever read your books yourself?


Hopefully I don't end up on the people that annoy you list.