Tuesday, January 25, 2011

this is for my parents.

b: dad are you stalking my blog?
d: yes, i have a lot of catching up to do.
b: weird...okay...
d: brissa, i want you to edit your last post.
b: what was my last post?
d: the one where you said you were pregnant.
b: but i'm not.  it's a joke.
d: people don't know that.
b: it's james freaking franco. it's not even possible for me to be pregnant with his baby!
d: change it.

this is me "changing it" to please my parents.
because i know mama would kill me too.
but you guys get it right?
you know i'm not actually with child.
you know it's just a silly little girl dream.
{because little girls often dream of being impregnated by hawt celebrities}
so just to clarify,
i am not pregnant with james franco's baby.
it's just a dream.
a dream that will one day become reality!

crap...i'll probably have to edit that part too...


kylee said...

hahahaaaa i am dying over here. funniest post of my life. love it!

kelli christine case said...

ahahhahahaha have you ever read whenparentstext.com? get ready for the funniest experience of your life

Sasha said...

Ahahahahaaa. Our parents are the same people. I am convinced. You're not alone! :P

Morgan and Holly said...

WAIT??? So you were LIEING? You're not actually pregnant with James Franco's baby??? I am so disappointed right now.

wonderful.words.of.khyrie.tess said...

Hahahah....hahahah Oh poppa.

kylee said...

i see that i've commented on this one already. that was 2011 kylee, this is 2013 kylee who has different things to say: my dad stalks my blog too. i didn't know for the longest time and now i get random little "that post really revealed a lot" or "i really liked your latest post" comments. it's weird/awesome.