Tuesday, November 1, 2011

happy halloween hangover.

i didn't consume enough candy yesterday
to have a halloween hangover today.
i usually aim to crash like this at some point during the holiday,
but that's not the case this year.
so to all you recovering sugar crash victims,
well done. 

instead of candy
i ate pumpkin pancakes
at a pumpkin pancake party.

while there, i learned a few things
i'd like to share with you.

 never talk bump-its. 
i guarantee the conversation will take a turn for the worst.

there is no such thing as a wishy-washy lost-ite.
you either love it or you hate it.

parks and rec brings people together.
i blame leslie knope's sparkling personality
and tom haverford's lavish lifestyle.

cool whip on pancakes is the greatest combination ever.
i am kicking myself for not doing it sooner.

and finally, 
nightmare before christmas is not a halloween movie
it's a christmas movie. 
jack the pumpkin king makes me want a door to christmasland.


Ashley said...

Nightmare Before Christmas is TOTALLY a Christmas movie. If anyone argues, refer to the title of the Movie!!

Jenna said...

SOOOO glad you're back, Brissa! Pumpkin pancakes are da bomb.

Kandice said...

mmmmm... dang it... i hate to disagree with you here... but sean and i watched lost not too long ago (addicted(ISH) and everything. but looking back, i'm not the biggest fan and i think he feels the same.) wasn't a waste of time or anything and we can certainly say we liked it.. but loved it? i don't know. we must be the exceptions?

remember skip-its too? i can imagine that fitting around my ankle nowadays. i can't imagine spending a good half hour "skipping it" either. i think bump-its win in that battle but i'll stop there so as not to bring up any bad mojo.

and lastly, we got really used to the parks and rec version of amy poehler and then watched baby mama and it's almost a totally different person.. crazy!

ps. i want pumpkin pancakes! yum :)

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

was totally in a sugar induced coma last night! so were my littles!

Christianna said...

I agree with everything that you discovered this weekend! "Park and Rec" is brilliant! I love it! Way better then "The Office"!

Becca and Derek said...

You are hilarious. Check out "Community". It brings out the BEST in people. And Joel McHale- swoon.

emilymcb said...

I am so proud of this post.

Harley said...

oh how i have missed your lovely posts.

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

that image is just so darling! and as far as this definition between is it or isn't it: the thing that's great about the nightmare before christmas is it's kind of both. it celebrates christmas but he reverts back to his halloween ways, ha. if that makes any sense. that's probably why i love it so much! ha

Alexandria said...

Mmmm pumpkin pancakes. Now I'm hungry...

kylee said...

am i allowed to comment on every blog post from here on out to tell you how truly happy i am that you're back? and we should maybe have a lost party sometime. you, me, ayley and anyone else who deems themselves a lover.

jessie said...

it definitely is a christmas movie. i watched it this week. i think it's good to watch it as a transition between the holidays.

Haylee said...

haha, oh my heck this picture could not get any better. How cute is he!
I'm definitely jealous of your pumpkin pancake party. What a fun idea, I'm for sure remembering that one for next year. (Or you know, you could just invite me to yours. Just sayin.)

Andrea said...

I blame Duke Silver's saxophone playing.

heather said...

this photo is adorable! i need to try me some pumpkin pancakes! yeah, with whipped cream! woot woot!

Justin said...

I too am proud of this post like emily said. You're right. There is no such thing as a wishy-washy lost-ite. You either love it.....or you're stupid. Long live LOST

Jules Morrow said...

never talk bump-its. NEVER talk bump-its. just .. . . never talk bump-its. I passionately agree.

oh and i like your blog.
figured i better get to know you if i'm going to party with you.

two birds said...

ok, i just got some revelations from reading this. pumpkin pancakes. yes. cool whip. double yes. i also think that everyone has just a little bit of ron swanson in them.