Monday, October 31, 2011

oh heeeey

thank you.
from the bottom of my heart,
 thank you.
i can't even begin to explain
how much each of your comments meant to me.
just know it's a lot.
you guys = amazing.

enough with the mush.

i'm back.
i'm back.
i'm back.
it feels good to say.
it feels good to type.

and just to clear things up -- 
my heart was not broken,
no face punches due to drama are required,
and finally, i did not have a secret baby.
i just needed air.
so i got some 
{air, still no baby},
and now i'm good.

i have so much to catch up on.
so if you see me creepily commenting
on nearly every post you've written
since i left,
don't be scared.
it's just me.
stalking you.
like a boss.

it feels good to be back.

sidenote: how is it already halloween?!?!?


Ashley said...

YAY!!! I've been waiting for this day :)

Oh, that sounds creepy. Eh, whatever.

Hilary said...

I was just looking at my blog e-mail and I miss seeing "Brissa commented...".
So happy right now.
I could just mail that outfit to you.

kylee said...

you just made this the best halloween i have ever seen in all my years. i have been waiting for the day you return. sooooo so so so happy it's finally here!

Kandice said...

daaaay maaade :D

Ashley said...


Alexandria said...

SO glad you're back mamacita :)

mandyface said...

Shimmie break in celebration of your return!

Becca and Derek said...

Glad you are back. I thought for sure you had been sent off to one of those Utah camps for troubled youth.....
ha ha :)

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Glad you are back and that you got some air- babies tend to suck the life right out of you.

Anna said...


McKinley {Haolepinos} said...

Glad to have you back!!! WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME BACK!! We welcome you to prima..... ok I will not sing a childhood church song to you hahahahaha!

We still need to get together soon. I will talk to Diana and see what her schedule is like! Drea will most likely not want to but I will double check with her. PS I don't mean to invite you now that you are back blogging, I personally have been really busy this last month so there hasn't been a lot of time to myself.

emilymcb said...


Natasha Louise said...

haha Brissa, you are very welcome for your own button thingy ;)

I am so glad you are back!! :)

Sarah said...

Yay! Glad that you're back and that you got the air that you need! Happy Halloween, Brissa!

McKenzie King said...

i am so glad you are back!! i have missed reading your updates!! welcome back lady.

Ayley said...

the world is right again. i missed half&half and your tweets and your facebookingz and your blog comments and your hilarity and your spats with james. i just missed this and i'm sooo happy you are back. i really, really hope that you are feeling much better & refreshed!

please stay!

Harley said...


Dearest Lou said...

Yay so glad your back girl (: I hope you can make it to my bridal shower on the 12th! I would love to see you there (;

ellie said...

I got the emails for all your comments and then rushed into work to get onto the computer to see if you were back to your blog. YESH!!!!!!

Joy said...

hooray for no secret babies or punched in faces! glad to see you back :)

kelli case anderson said...


Kari said...

Yay! I'm happy you're back. Just in time for the Bieb's Christmas album.

Christianna said...

Feel free to creepy stalk me anytime! See I can make that even more awkward!