Thursday, May 29, 2014

ginger snaps.

"you'd be surprised how lumpy cat semen is."

brissa: do you want some greek yogurt?
cory: gross. no. why would you ask me that?
that's like going to someone and offering them dog poo. 
"oh, you don't want this dog poo i found on the street? weird."

*another car blaring their horn at us*
"do NOT get mad at me!
oh. i guess there was a stop sign there..."

"i don't think that looks bad!
i mean, bobby flay would  throw up in his mouth, but..."

"the internet thinks i'm a dick."

cory: you look like a rabbit.
brissa: aw, like a cute bunny?
cory: no. like a rabbit eating a carrot.
brissa: *sad face*
cory: now you look like a kardashian crying. 


-Danica- said...

Ha hahahah I can't stop laughing. And how does he even know what cat semen looks like?

kylie said...

these are brilliant

Anna said...

Cat semen. Good hell.

I do appreciate his pop culture references...a Kardashian crying is a verrrry specific face.