Tuesday, May 27, 2014

wiiknd: food is all i can remember because food is all that matters.

popcorn + kool aid.
the secret life of walter mitty.

cory = nine hours of yard work.
brissa + jude = chillin, maxin, relaxin all cool.
homemade baby wrap success. 
early to bed.

pukey baby.
mother's lounge hideout.
picnic in the park.
jude scoots. 

donut breakfast.
yardwork 8-2.
once upon a time. 
meat monday.
fussy baby.


Kayla said...

food is supreme, never forget that. i love your weekend recaps, btw.

katrina said...

I'm so confused. Did I write this? We had the exact same weekend. Baby puke, picnics, burgers, Walter Mitty, pizza, yard work, donut breakfast. I'm not kidding, all of it.

Shelby said...

did you love The secret life of Walter Mitty?? I just watched it this weekend, and I really loved it. The soundtrack was unreal, and the scenery was just stunning.