Sunday, May 5, 2013

consider this a call to action. with so many ridiculous links.

instead of publicy professing my love and devotion
for one of my blogger friends or real life friends,
i'm going to take this time to discuss someone
very near and dear to my heart.
this girl is truly breaking my heart.
gone are the days of the amanda show,

it's like i didn't even get a chance to say goodbye. 
is easy a really the last happy memory 
i will have of her?
she can tell the world she's "fine" all she wants.
all i hear is,
"i'm sad and lonely.
i just spend $11,000 on extensions.
i need a hug."
[she really spent eleven thousand dollars on hair extensions.]
tip: for a more familiar hug,
lean to the side that still has hair. 
if you happen to be wearing lipgloss,
i suggest you lean to the shaved side
for a less awkward-awkward hug.

i just want to be her friend.
to get her back.
to help her out.
i'm not joking when i say
her twitter feed makes me legitimately sad.
and i just found this site that makes everything worse.

she will always be my friend.
the one to taught me how to prank call.
the one to showed me anger problems are okay.
the only who lived my dream of kissing

amanda taught me it's okay to be weird.
weird = okay + career starter. 

in honor of my fallen friend,
i have caught myself saying this classic phrase
on multiple occasions. 
it's just so perfect for every scenario. 

oh, and one more thing.
can someone please tell me
why she thinks she's sailor moon?


Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...


Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

I just...she was so beautiful and talented. It's not like she was some mediocre person. She was greatness.

Whitney Leigh said...

This made me really sad.
I idolized her growing up.

beth said...

:((((( words can't express how sad this makes me. she was amazing.

Kelli Anderson said...

another has fallen.

Kelli Anderson said...

but the problem is that she wasn't just another one of them. she was what a girl wants. she's the man. nick.

no more words.

Catherine said...

Ughhh, I talked with the SIX girls I did prom hair for on Saturday about Amanda and how sad I was about it. Sadly, they didn't really know who I was talking about and then I reminded them of She's The Man and What A Girl Wants (none of them knew that sad, because she and Colin Firth are adorable in it). She had so much potential if she had continued and I'm SO sad she has ended up this way.

Lauren Hall said...

I only have hot friends and they've got my back until I die.

Kelli Anderson said...

hahah lauren's comment. that is one of her better mid-crisis one-liners.

i need to add to this. part of what's so disturbing about all this is that she was one of the ones we thought for sure we wouldn't have to worry about it. it's not like she is as famous as britney (i mean, really). i mean, yeah, many people have crazy weird gimme attention breakdown phases but most of the time it's not in the media spotlight.

but still. the most disturbing part is that i thought for sure she was immune. that first photo says it all. "we don't have to worry about this one" is what it says. only further evidence that no one is immune. we're all capable of falling.

Kelli Anderson said...

brissa, i'm with you. i'm legitimately sad and think about her often.

kylee said...

i have been trying to find a free version of easy A on the internetz forevz (what is with the Z lovin right now?) i might try again. i might be ready to admit that i am oblivious to hollywood life, so i'm glad you gave me the 411 on amanda. just read some of her tweets. this is way to sad.

meg bird said...

YOU SAID IT! I made this discovery only a few weeks ago and was so saddened. She was the idol of my child hood. What in the world happened??

And her Twitter feed? Who even HAS thoughts like that? Let alone thinks that they're worth sharing.

Poor girl.