Monday, May 6, 2013

this literally what i do.

ever since i left my nightmare of a job,
my days have been pretty lax and i absolutely love it.

every weekday morning,
cory wakes me up to kiss me goodbye.
this process includes me mumbling,
"you look so handsome.
don't forget a watch."
and him helping me put my eye mask on.

at 9:15 my alarm goes off.
i lounge in bed, text cory a proper "hello,"
and check my social media apps.
after a mediocre amount of catching up/stalking,
i visit the whiz palace.
here i put on my glasses,
pull my hair back and,
empty my bladder.

i shuffle to the living room where i open the window
to let the fresh air wake the whole apartment up.
breakfast is sometimes at the table.
just me, my food and my thoughts.
sometimes it's on the couch.
just me, my food and either e! or food network.

after listening to the kardashian sisters fight
or finding out who won cupcake wars,
i do the dishes and straighten up the kitchen.

here's where it gets tricky*.
if i have laundry to do, i sort/wash/fold it.
if i have a bathroom to clean, i clean it.
if i have a book to read, i read it.
if i have a cross-stitch to finish, i stitch it.
if i have a book to write, i type it.
if i have nails to paint, i paint them.
if i have early episodes of the office to watch, i watch and laugh.
and when i have dinner to cook, i cook it.
*and by tricky i meant awesome.

sometimes i am able to accomplish all those items
in one day.
other times i just go to target,
try on all the clothes, 
and cry in the dressing room
because "swimsuit season" came quick this year.

i literally do whatever i want.
people keep asking me if i've "gotten sick"
of staying home.
i love being a shut in.
i love sitting outside.
i love my apartment.
i love my freedom.
i love cory for letting me quit
and supporting all my ridiculous ideas/projects/err'thang.

i literally have the best days in the world.
sometimes i hang out with friends.
or my mom.
or cory's mom and sister and baby matie.
sometimes i go help cory at work.

so sorry i'm not a fancy pants with a job.
or dress pants.
or a small business.
but i do what i do and i love it and

this challenge is really letting me 
take advantage of my gif library.


Alissa said...

Listen. Don't apologize for not having a fancy job or wearing dress pants, because those two things are not fun.

Pants with buttons are not fun.

I'm inviting myself over tomorrow.

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...


listen. I get mega depressed being by myself. I hate that about me, wanna know why? because for the most part I want to be alone because people are so annoying.

Jessica Wray said...

officially one of the best posts you've ever written

Kelli Anderson said...

it's sad how much this post described the first year of my marriage hahahahaha. there was literally so much chillin time i can't even handle how poorly i appreciated it all. i've realized recently that my mantra is, "i love free time." hahahhah. i just love it. and that gif dissolves me into giggles if i look at it for more than ten seconds.

Cassie said...

i love this. this is how my life would be if i didn't have to work! i'm so jealous of you for that.

Sasha said...

Can I please join in on this? Sounds much better than an 8 to 5 in front of a computer and writing a 10 page term paper by tomorrow... ha. I will live vicariously through you!

P.S. In response to your comment, I've missed you too!!! There is much catching up to be done :D

megan danielle said...

seriously you have the greatest gif library of all time.

Lauren Hall said...

Truth is I'm jealous. You've got a good thing going. Don't mess it up with a stupid job!

P.S. I hope that you sing NSYNC's "celebrity" to Cory, seeing as you eat cheese everyday

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

I have jealously right now.

And I am crowning you queen of gifs.

Whitney Leigh said...

I don't like to be alone for very long because I get all lethargic and stuff, but your days sound awesome and if I lived like that I couldn't possibly get depressed.

I love Cory for letting you quit your job too.

beth said...

I so regret not taking advantage of my three months of unemployment. Can I join you on my days off? The best thing about being a nurse is definitely the four days off a week :)

kylee said...

the whiz palace! i love when leslie knope enters our real lives. i love food network. i also love your life and want our lives to collide. like, let me come to your house and see where you live and watch food network with you.