Tuesday, May 17, 2011

like a loaded potato, but with words.

my broken toes and i went to my cousin's wedding
in five inch heels and my yellow dress.
ashley, beth and jamie's date were the only blonde's there. 
'twas quite comical.
aside from dancing and watching a very enthusiastic 
white man dance an energetic salsa,
we ate delicious food and sipped on
what may just be the best drank ever.
 i must regrettably admit i am not sporting a double black eye in the photo above.
the stupid lights made me appear to be more legit than i am.
but one day people...one day i will rock the black eye like nobody's biznass.
after the reception,
we headed over to target so i could buy baby clothes
for my bff's baby shower the next day.
it was then i realized the fullness of my disease.
 it's official. 
baby sections in any store are harmful to my health.
i finished bossypants.
it was brilliant.
i love tina fey more than words can express.
later that afternoon i went to sid's baby shower.
i won a lint roller and a pack of m&m's.
i gave the chocolate covered candies
to bethie and scottopher when i got home.
we spent the better part of an hour
in the same room, playing games on our pizzles
and speaking to or about our games.
i introduced scott to galaxy puzzle and bubble shooter;
two of what i thought to be the best games ever.
boooy was i wrong.
he introduced me to
i can honestly say it has been the best 99 cents i have ever spent.
we went to jimmy john's with bree
and i wanted to slap my face for never trying their sandwiches before.
after supper we headed back to bree's
so i could use free wifi to download tiny wings
while beth and bree painted their nails.
after waiting for hot pink paint to dry
we sped over to dan and craig's
for the maiden voyage of their new projector.
we thought we were going to watch
diary of a wimpy kid
but instead, they popped in
this bad boy.
it's even better the second time around.
after the movie,
beth, scott, bree and i went to coldstone.
scott ordered oatmeal cookie batter, cookie dough and cinnamon.
when i first heard that combination i grimaced.
then i tried it and
mama mia, that's-a-good-a-flavor!
after a free lunch with delicious strawberries
we laid out to read play tiny wings.
i looked up in the middle of my game 
to see weezy walking toward us.
we chatted for a good while and caught up on life.
after some more sunshine loving and tiny winging,
beth and i made dinner for some friends.
fyi world:
crissa makes the best desserts ever.
beth, bree and i went for a post-dinner bike/scooter ride
around the town.
after being followed around the library by a homeless man,
we rode to our hearts content in the maze that is 
underground parking. 
{sorry so long, but i just had to document how awesome my weekend was}


Cat said...

Epps..5 inch heels, if it were would have had to add brooken ankle to my list :) {I am heel challenged!}

Glad you have a super fun weekend!

xx Cat brideblu

Ashley said...

i need that bike. nuf said. and to hang out with you on a regular basis ha!

mandyface said...

tis a tasty weekend ladypants. i just heard of this jimmy johns for the first time this last weekend...and now on your blog...who am I to deny the universe. to jimmy johns doth i go.

Natasha Louise said...

That is one awesome weekend!!... I stayed home and made pie! blahh hahaha

beth said...

Remember this weekend? And how wonderful it was? Oh the good old days.