Monday, May 2, 2011

aaaat laaaaaaaast.

i got a call from a famous friend of mine.
saying he had a special gift for me.
behold, the gift. 
those are my friends.
on the cover of inc. magazine because they're cool like that.
they save the world one bag of dirt at a time.
craigory and dan stayed for a while and we chatted up a good storm
then collin came by and we all headed to go watch
a movie i swore i would never see.
but you know what he says.
and that is when tragedy struck.
biebzies movie was sold out!
but taking our new motto 
from our favorite canadian to heart, 
we didn't let that stop us.
so we bought tickets to this lovely film
and then snuck
{wtf. chrome just told me "snuck" wasn't a word??}
into the best movie of twenty.eleven.
{note: i'm only being slightly sarcastic}
highlights from the film.
crazed girls.
crying fans.
bethanie loving every minute she was there.
and this

overall, the movie was better than i expected.
did you know that head of hair could play
the drums, the piano, the guitar, his vocal chords
and the radio?! 
just a giant wtf/fml/face palm.
moving on...
a series of really wonderful things happened
but i feel what i am about to say
is the most important thing i learned/could share from my sunday.
last night, i came to the following conclusion:
the best naps happen when you fall asleep while 
reading for a class,
wake up two hours later
feeling refreshed and happy knowing you've 
accomplished absolutely nothing.


Mandy said...

My family is good friends with Dan's family. I heard about the Inc. 500. So crazy! I had no idea you guys were friends.

And I haven't seen the Bieb movie, Kevin thinks it will take away some of his manhood, but I'll find a way.

beth said...

i really hope your readers know how sarcastic you are. especially the comment about me.

kylee said...

that jb movie is what gave me the fever. i was a hater before then.
last night i came home with plans to study. opened my book and bam. nap time. woke up, got ready for bed, went back to bed. i'm so productive.

jessie said...

that movie was good. i was sort of a hater before it too. but now i've seen it twice...ha. that clip with snoop dogg was my favorite. also usher. also little jaden smith.

Ashley said...

I love it when Snoop Dogg presents his words of wisdom. lol.

emilymcb said...

Oh cool! Yay for Craig!