Sunday, March 13, 2011

chronological order.

|[10:13 am]|
every member of my family came to wake me up one at a time.
ashley came to steal my pizzle to play games.
mom clawed scratched my back lovingly.
james yelled my name.
dad bounced my bed and screamed "earthquake!!"
it was like the ultimate high school flashback.
|[11:07 am]|
ash had a regional basketball game.
they dominated 36 - 10 with only five girls.
while they dominated on the court we had a gangsta photoshoot.
mom did not approve.
instead of flashing gang signs for fear of being hunted down and jumped,
she went with the always classy miss america wave. 
|[11:41 am]|
at this point in the game we started yelling out things like,
"get a touchdown!" "gooooaallll!" "get it in the pipes!"
"come on!! give us a hat trick!" and "homerun!"
we were definitely the loudest people there. 
|[11:57 am]|
jamie introduced me to our new best friend.
it's like a cross between Jesus and Joseph Smith.
|[12:03 am]|
while ashley and i waited outside for mom, dad and james to stop socializing,
a father of a girl on the other team came out, congratulated ashley and said,
"you guys did great. you'll probably take it all."
to which she laughed and said, "we can only hope."
what the cocky?!
|[12:07 pm]|
the "adults" stopped talking and we headed home. 
dad told me to never get old because getting old sucks.
jamie and i started singing cute is what we aim for songs. 
ashley dominated at wii bowing
and james cleaned out at wii golf.
dad did pretty well on solitaire. 
i love my house on saturday mornings.