Monday, January 31, 2011

good day to you.

friday. was the shiz. like woah. we had our second birthday party for daxflame and our first real party of the new year. it was magic. i can't even describe how much i love living with my roommates. they're honestly some of the best friends i could have ever asked/hoped/prayed for. now enough with the mushy mushy and back to the partay. we had such a good turn out. i got to see so many old friends and make some new ones. we deeefinitely got some great rockband footage for our reality show. the only negative of the night was the unexpected arrival of that stupid skankatron we all hate {this girl version of a cock block...wait, is it too inappropriate to say cock block? oh well, it's already written and i don't feel like reaching mr. pinky all they way up to mr. backspace. is it weird that i just labeled my pinky mr. even though he's on a girl body?} post party breakdown included jess, chantz, frazier and i talking and listening to music while the disco ball revolved.
saturday. slightly hungover from all the goldfish crackers and water consumed the night before. we didn't get to bed until two in the ay.em. i "officially" woke up at noon, went out and looked at the result of a night of "heavy partying" in provo. cups everywhere. literally. here is where we found them: the floor, by the fish tank, in beth's bathroom, in the couch, on the couch, under the couch, on the stairs and even in the sink. who in their right mind puts a p.l.a.s.t.i.c. cup in the sink? i hope they didn't think we were going to wash it and use it for later. went to big lots to get a leash for roxy and then hit up macey's for our daily supplies. i just want to give a shout out to calypso lemonade for being the most delicious lemonade i've had in a while. and trust me, i know lemonade. we just wanted to "stay chill" today so we had a mellow rockband session and then watched part of the first season of jersey shore.
sunday. found out my car was overheating again and reeking of antifreeze. i endured another terrifying drive home but the light at the end of the tunnel was seeing my mommy! she's been in new york for the past nine days and i haven't been able to talk to her very much. i went home and she fed me soup and delicious treats found only in the glorious big apple.  drove home big pimpin with my blaser on and rollin in my mama's acura until carlos gets fixed. das wassup!!


Kandice said...

things i love about brissa's blog:
-one of your labels is daxflame.
--upon clicking on daxflame, you come to not ONE but SEVERAL posts with that label.

things i love about this post in particular {prepare yourself for a long list}
-"wait, is it too inappropriate to say cock block? "
-giving a shout out to a lemonade
-YOU WATCH JERSEY SHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {for that, you'll be in my heart forever}

and so concludes the first edition of why i love brissa's blog.

Kandice said...

wait i just re-read that and.... turns out it wasn't a long list....

sorry for the extra preparation you had to undergo for no reason