Friday, January 28, 2011

if my thoughts could run they'd be marathoners.

i miss the constant presence of an imac.
it made life so much better.
sometimes i just wanna kick myself and crawl under a rock.
i'm so dumb.
there are times when i really have to stop and ask myself
"how on earth do you have friends?"

happy weekend children.
gossip girl


Jenni Austria Germany said...

imacs make life so much better, it's true. i used to steal my roommate's all the time to take pictures just as weird as yours. :)

Meredith said...

hahah! we're friends already. i can tell girl. ;)

eliesa miraye said...

um I am in love with all the little buttons on your blog brissa. ESPECIALLY the HP shout out.

AE Jones said...

Oh my gosh... I KNOW what you're talking about. I have dumb moments all the time... you're not alone. And the only place I want to go during those moments is my closet - and hide! :) Just found your blog from Painting the Air! Definitely following. xoxo