Friday, December 24, 2010

my legs are cold.

my last postita about perfume shopping with my daddy made me think of a few things.
1. i want him to teach my future husband how to buy the following:
a. perfume
b. purses
c. jewelry
not joking kids, my dad is good as gold when it comes to that stuff.
he is proud when his "g" comes out.
2. when i went to new york the december of my sophomore year in high school
it was just daddy and me.
new york city in december quickly became my favorite.
i loved that no one ever slept.
i loved that daddy took me to saks fifth avenue
to perfume shop for mommy.
the light show that goes with these flakes was phenomenal.
i felt like such an adult.
alternating my sniffs between burberry, chanel, bulgari and coffee beans.
giving my opinion to the sales rep and my dad like i was some fancy pants.
i loved it when i was allowed to go explore the store.
i found the perfect shade of bright pink lip gloss
and coveted the scarves and clothes.
i was in heaven.
but my favorite part had to have been the tree.
it's really something you need to see to believe,
but trust me, 
it's incredible.
open-mouth drooling.
and word stopping.

eyez juss whanuh goez b@k.

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