Friday, December 24, 2010

numero cinco.

last night i went shopping with my papanuah. 
we hit up ye'ole' department store to get
some fragrance and bling for momma.
we visited the fragrance department first.
ladies and gentlemen, 
that is when i fell in love.
i fell into deep, deep love with
i turned to my daddy and quietly said:
"daddy, i want this.  i want this for my birthday."
he looked at me, laughed and said:
"maybe when you're older."
and the hip, gray-haired lady behind the counter agreed.
i guess i could see their logic.
i mean, when i sniffed that heavenly parfum
i saw black dresses, pearls and an evening at the theatre.
trust me, it's classy.
{look at me, saying "trust me" like i'm a veteran, 
i'm sure you know what i'm smokin when it comes to no. 5}
back to my story.
while daddy was paying i heard a voice whisper 
"hey, little girl"
i turned.
it was the fashionable perfume lady
{seriously, i want to have her short gray hair and incredible fashion sense at that age}.
she smiled at me, looked to make sure daddy's back was turned 
and said as she bit the package open with her pearly whites:
"i found some samples!"
that's what i'm talking about!!!
homegirl hooked me up!
i am currently in olfactory heaven.
i'm also saving it for a special occasion.
i asked my dad when it would be appropriate for me to rock the no. 5.
he said when i was thirty.
i negotiated that he'd buy me some when i had my first baby.
i better get to work.

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