Friday, December 24, 2010

attn: don's

{because don's is what we call mcdonald's in my household.}
i've got a bone to pick with you.
yessiree i do.
the other day was the first time in over a decade 
i ordered a "happy meal"
and let me tell you,
i was not pleased.
at the drive-in they asked the gender of the recipient of said "happy meal."
i found it odd, but answered honestly
because "i am not a crook [liar]."
i love kid's meals for the following reasons:
the toy.the price.the toy.the size.the toy.
when i opened my "box of sunshine"
i realized why they asked my gender.
they wanted to give me a sucky present.
may i introduce you to 
"papa elephant"
after taking a good three-second look at my box
i made an important decision.
next time,
i'm totally saying i'm a boy.
power 'em > cuddle 'em

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