Thursday, November 4, 2010

holla acha guurl!

halloween weekend was the best.weekend.ever.
friday we caught the seven o'clock showing of inception.
so good.
we dropped the boys off and hit up a dance party.
the rest of the night happened so quickly:
chicken wraps. climbing on the cougar. driving across. driving down. 
duck pond. blasting weezy & lauren's ke$ha station on pandora.
went to bed at three.
saturday. woke up at one thirty. {jealous?}
did laundry. painted nails. got jerseylicious.
that's right, i dressed up as my bff snooki polizzi.
went to go visit my boys at the riv for a bit.
they made me feel famous.
then met up with the wolf-pack for dance party numero dos.
 redbrickhouse is where it's aaaat.
sidenote: 1/2 a giant nos + redbull < an hour is not recommended for your heart 
but roooocks for dance parties.
spotted: all four teletubbies, avatars, carebears, polygamist wives, molestor, twitter. 
the music was thumpin and the party was bumpin.
after-party. convinced the boys into going to ihop with us.
convincing = being caught in a human trap and promising unlimited back scratches.
despite their faces in the above pictures {especially al's} they had fun.
mack was our waiter again.
i loooove that angry britt.
we saw, met, fell in love and took a picture with rufioooo!
i ate the scrambled eggs i'd been craving for days.
drive through and down. again.  so freaking legit!
after the after party. hopped the fence to go hot-tubbing.
decided what to wear for sunday. talked. played a game on my phone. 
my brain got a little fuzzy around four in the morning.
i remember i fell asleep for an hour and a half or two hours 
before getting ready for jamie's farewell.
sunday. 10:33 am: on the road home for the farewell.
freshly brushed teeth + leftover nos = no bueno

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