Wednesday, July 10, 2013

i'm not getting paid to blast this, but i probably should be.

first thing's first.
montana is cool, i guess.

on to business.
aka: the nails that changed my life.
inside this magic box you will find 
a fake nail polish bottle filled with
the press-on manicure of your choice. 

impress press-on nails have changed my mind
when it comes to press-on nails.
i got them at target for only six dollars 
and they are literally what dreams are made of. 

unlike the old days of shaping
and trimming and filing old school press-on's,
i felt like these bad boys
were made for me. 
i found a size for each of my nails
and still have enough left over for a second set. 
the box says "no glue needed,"
but i wanted to get the most wear possible out of them.
aaand i stopped trusting "self-adhesive nails" in eighth grade. 
i used a dab of nail glue on each nail before applying. 
the nail glue was $1.97 and has been worth
every single penny.

i put these bad boys on exactly a week ago today. 
i haven't worried about them coming off at all.
they haven't lifted or budged or even trapped stray hairs. 
they are miracle nails.

if i'm being completely honest,
i can see a little bit of wear on the tips.
it shows up as white and is only noticeable
if you're looking for it. 
and honestly, i'll take a little wear 
over chipped nails any day. 

buy them.
buy them.
buy them.

my "nails" are all finally the same length,
rock a polish that isn't smudged or chipped within two days,
and i haven't stabbed my eyeballs once. 
if that wasn't enough to convince you,
let me take this moment to remind you to


missblaser said...

I'm convinced! You're adorable!

Kari said...

I was already convinced, but the gif at the end-- I always listen to Donna.

Whitney Leigh said...

oooooooooooh I want these.

Catherine said...

You're killin' me! Going to check them out the next time I'm at Target!

Jessica Wray said...

no trapped stray hairs!? ...sold.

Alissa said...

Girl, yous rocking that color.

I've never tried press on nails, but I think you just convinced me to. My real nails aren't that purdy, but don't judge me, okay? OKAY?

Christianna said...

Hahahaha, "Treat Yo Self!"

Also these are great things to know, maybe they'll see this post and send you a years free supply. Yeah, let's hope for that!

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

My nails hate your perfectly glued on nails.

Crystle said...

The meme did me in. I'm going to Target tomorrow!

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

My boss uses press ons all the time and I always think she is lying because they last so long! FINE YOU CONVINCED ME.

jessie said...

that is the gif i use the most in my day-to-day life.