Monday, June 17, 2013

blah blah blah and cats.

i had every intention of writing a list
of things i have learned in all my years of life
that school could never teach me.
but instead,
i'm in freak out mode.

my normal self packs for trips a week in advance.
but here i am, the day before girls camp,
without a single thing in my bag. 
i don't even know who i am anymore.

i couldn't go to sleep saturday night because
i kept telling myself i needed a headlamp.
a headlamp is better than a flashlight 
especially when it comes to using the bathroom late at night.

i'm washing all our clothes
just so i can dirty them up with dirt and sunshine and sweat.
i'm only allowed to wear long pants
and i'm trying to convince myself leggings count as long pants.

my house is a mess.
i hate going on any sort of trip 
and coming home to a house that isn't spotless.
it sends me into a depressed panicky state. 

and while i'm grateful it has contained itself
to an area other than my face,
can someone please explain why
i'm getting ridiculous bacne at the age of twenty-three?

oh, i forgot the best part.
we leave tomorrow.
at 5:30 am.
life is winning right now. 
proof is in the pudding.
when i searched "sad cat," i found this.
the internet knows how much i hate him. 
stop trying to ruin internet katz for me!


Tiffany said...

oh geez ... bacne is the worst! sounds like you have alot on your plate. i'm the same way when it comes to packing and having a clean house so i am in full on cringe empathy for you right now.

you'll be fine though! girls camp no one's going to care if you borrow their headlamp to use the potty or if you need to borrow some long johns.

and that cat is cute ... the cat underneath, not so much. kinda creepy.

kylee said...

that whole messy house thing is probably going to be me someday. i'm that girl who can't even pack for vacation until her room is clean. i beg you to blog about girls camp when you get home. i also beg you to post pictures. is it weird for me to be jealous? i hated girls camp back in the day and all of a sudden i want to go back?

beth said...

Hahahahaha Ni-cat-olas Cage. BEST.PICTURE.EVER

Have fun at girls camp!! I'm jealous :)