Monday, June 24, 2013

i keep waking up hearing that stupid "princess pat" song.

i just got back from a week
in the mountains.

i escaped with absolutely no mosquito bites.
i did, however, get a massive sunburn
on my nose and forehead.
i look like a muppet.

and despite being constantly confused 
as one of the girls
instead of a leader,
it was one of the best weeks
i have ever had.

i loved being able to see the girls
grow closer as friends
and grow as individuals.

i wouldn't trade the opportunity i have
to work with these 12-17 year old girls
for anything.
i learn more from them than they do from me.

girl's camp is my favorite thing
and i love it with all of my heart.
but man alive,
it's nice to shower again. 


Ellie Kornexl said...

is that the one that goes:
"All dressed in black, black, black. With silver buttons, buttons, buttons, all down her back, back, back..." ? Cause we used to sing that at girl scout camp in Kentucky and that would be crazy!

kylee said...

totally got that song stuck in my head when reading your post title. my personal favorite was always the beaver one. no mosquito bites? not even one? HOW?!