Thursday, February 7, 2013

when a day off is also a sick day it's only natural to do the following.

watch enough 30 rock
to deserve some night cheese.

procrastinate writing wedding "thank you" cards
with homemade valentine's cards
you will [also] probably never get around to mailing.

watch toddler's and tiaras
until you hate yourself and every five-year-old
with better makeup and hair than you.

self-medicate with ginger ale
to the point of bursting.

webmd yourself into a paranoid frenzy
and get upset when facebook and instagram
aren't updated every time 
you click refresh.

paint your nails.
mess up your nails.
repaint your nails.
realize you will never be good at nail art.
accept defeat in the form of a glitter topcoat. 

sit on your livingroom floor and cry
because your husband is on a business trip
and you got an eggshell in your brownies.

| | | | |

let us all just take a moment
and thank the heavens we have passed this hump
and it's just one more day
'til friday.


Shelby said...

hahaha you always get me laughing. i know this is supposed to be sad, but you seriously are hilarious! i am totally that person that gets upset when facebook and instagram don't upload when i tell it too. but that usually only happens on bad days... aka basically from tuesday until the weekend. oops

-Danica- said...

Please tell me you did eat night cheese??

Also this entire post made me laugh. Feel better already!

Jessica Wray said...

ginger ale is nectar of the gods.

Delba Cristina said...

I agree with Jessica, ginger ale is nectar of the Gods - especially with lemon slices! :P

I hope you feel better soon, best wishes!

Krystal said...

aww hope you are feeling better!!!