Friday, February 8, 2013

so basically, my life is one giant snapchat

new girl.
if you don't know by now,
you don't deserve to know.
 my book,
" how to train your husband dragon"
is hitting shelves across america tomorrow.
 most people are just buying it
for the cover art.
this one gave people nightmares.
i think i look like patty mayonnaise
with green hair.


Shelby said...

hahaha! these are the best!! pretty much my exact reaction to the New Girl kiss. FINALLY!!

kylee said...

you are the best snapchatter. ever.

Lauren Hall said...

ok so I never watched the full first season, but I began to watch it this season and I wondered about their chemistry. I LOVED the kiss. And I love schmidt.

jessie said...

you are WAY better at snapchat than i am. said...

you guys are my couple role models. justsoyaknowifyoudidntknowalready.

Ashley said...



carla thorup said...

you're my one and only snapchat friend and it's worth it.

Kelli Anderson said...

hahahah if you don't know by now you don't deserve to know lolololololololololol i loveeeeeeoveeeeeoveeee new girl