Friday, July 29, 2011

fact: spicy cabbage turns asian food mexican

the eleven best words in the english language are:

"i've got this gift card
to applebee's.
can i take you?"

yes, yes you can.

and while we're there, 
just to make it interesting, 
how about i see the family of an old flame
and make eye contact with his parents? 
then i can awkwardly avoid saying hello
and immediately feel guilty
causing me to send my heartthrob-turned-homie the following message:

"i just saw your family at applebee's 
but i didn't say hi because i was sitting/eating
and they were waiting.
please tell them i didn't mean to ignore them,
i'm just an awkward human."

why me, america?
whhhhhy meee?!?!

oh well,
i'll take good company, free food
and awkward encounters
over dirty dishes any day. 


ellie said...

ahahahahaha. i remember those days! that's a lie, i still live those days. the other day i was in a public area with my mom and decided there were far too many people and started walking in another direction. when ma caught up to me she loudly proclaimed "I know why you turned around! Susie Q was back there and you didn't want to say hi!". Well i had no idea susie q was back there, but she now thought so and so did everyone else. shame...

(names were changed to protect the former high school friend)

Ashley said...

hahaha oh no! I hate such run-ins. But what a great movie moment :D You seem to have a lot of these, like going into the creepiest damn antique store I have ever seen!

kylee said...

why me.
funniest line ever.
once i had a sleepover with a friend and in the middle of the night she woke up with a charlie horse so she whined why me, why me. and i was awake the whole time laughing so hard.

Andrea@Fancy That! said...

Totally had an encounter like this recently, except I finally said hello and was snubbed by his brother. I say just skip it!

Roxxy Cambridge said...

Before I acquired the highly elusive college degree, I worked as a waitress at Applebee's for yearrrrrrs. Trust me, everyone says that very thing about the wonton tacos. "Are these mexi or chineee?"

They're neither, my friend, I would always reply. They're as american as one taco can get.

McKenzie King said...

your blog never fails to make me laugh. your pictures, your thoughts, your ideas, love them all!

Katrina said...

Awkward encounters always, always happen to me. but free food always cancels out an awkward encounter.

Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

why you?

so you can write funny posts about it that make me smile. every. single. time :)