Monday, August 1, 2011

i grew up on

love this as much as i do.

and if you're bored
or simply curious,
check out the inspiration.
it's pretty amazing.

emily deserves a life-time supply
of frozen-yogurt for sending this gold my way
as well as for introducing me to
the best website ever.
trust me. 
it is. 


Belly B said...

I. Loved. it.
And I love you more for introducing it to me. You are my new best friend.

Belly B :)

emilymcb said...

Yes!!! I love blog shout-outs from you!!!

kylee said...

so many mosquitoes on me you have no idea. bahaaaaa best line ever. that girl rocks my world.

Hilary Mae said...

I can't get into Pottermore or find the freaking quill. No me gusta Jersey Shore but I promise I'm still cool. And I found a Potter song. I will post it tomorrow. Its hysterical. You will love.

mandyface said...

This makes life worth living.