Monday, June 27, 2011

there is a bald man sitting to my left who sneezes a lot.

i really, truly hate homework.
especially when i can't focus.
even more so when my assignments are due tomorrow 
and i've barely started. 
written on my wrist is my to-do list. 
it may look small,
but each of those lines are a chapter i have to read,
a summary i have to write and some "personal reflections"
i have to make up because, let's be real, 
no one actually reflects while reading a text book.  
in other news, 
if i were to ever permanently ink myself,
a fingerstache on my left index finger would be number one
and an empty to-do list on my left wrist would be number two.
partly because i usually write lists on my wrist so it'd be practical
and mostly because i have a hard time writing straight without lines.
{okay, it's mostly for that reason. i'm ocd when it comes to writing straight lines.}

god bless college-ruled paper
and god bless america. 


jessie said...

your to do list reminds me of mulan.
think before you snack... act.

kylee said...

we can be ocd together. i refuse to write on paper unless lines are provided.

Alexandria said...

College-ruled paper got me through college.


Krista said...

Good news! Your hair looks seeeeexy.

Mandy said...

Is that in the library? When are you done?

lauren said...

I love you.