Monday, June 27, 2011

satan's hair.

once upon a time my hair looked like this.
the ends were getting lighter and i was kind of loving it.
so i went to the salon to get some new summer hair.
apparently little miss thang didn't want to go lighter
{even though it's my hair}
and now i have a slightly redish hue to my hair in the sunlight.
luckily i have friends who tell it like it is.

scott: did you dye your hair?
brissa: yes...
scott: only whore's dye their hair red.
brissa: it was an accident! i wanted it lighter!
scott: yeah, that's what they all say.

even though you can't see my "whore hair" in the picture above,
 it's there. 
trust me. 


Blace said...

Oh whore hair. Why do you always happen when you are least wanted? My hair, always pulls a lot of red when it's dyed too...hopefully it fades out for you a little bit. You're still looking good btw.

Ashley said...

hahaha. My hair has red undertones as well, it's gets annoying whenever I want to shoot for blonde!

Carrie Ann said...

I dyed my hair red once. I sure hope no one thought I was a whore.

Ashley said...

hahhaha i think it looks cute! you cant see red from where I am lookin

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

haha- I used to dye my hair red is college- not sure I agree with Scott-

mandyface said...

wait..what exactly is wrong with being a whore? offended.

Mary said...

I hate when hair stylists mess up my hurr. Especially when they think they know what's best for me. Psh. So pretentious.

Kari said...

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!
Become one with the whore hair.

whatevergatsby said...

bahahaha then i guess i am a part of this band of whores. red hair is where it's at!!! mostly because it's so hard to get rid of...whoops. :)

AE Jones said...

Ha ha ha ha! Red hair is adds spice to life. I had red in my hair before I started highlighting it last year... I kind of miss the red.