Wednesday, March 2, 2011

well...this is awkward....

okay, so when little miss thang over here nominated me,
i thought long and hard about not blogging about it.
then this spicy lady gave me the same thing.
don't get me wrong. i'm grateful and flattered, 
i just feel awkward for even considering responding to this 
let alone posting about it in the traditional
"seven get to know you questions" format.
but watching the oscars made me wish i was famous
and i fear this is the closest i will ever get to holding
a golden, naked mini-man in my hands. 
mark my words, i will attend a red carpet event before i die. 

i am half-ecuadorian, half-american. 
shout out to my parents for mixing the bloodlines and making zebra children.

my nails have been painted almost every day for the  past two years. 
unpainted toenails make me gag. 

i love my family with my entire heart. 
i can't even begin to tell you how much.
just know it's more than a billion unicorns, a zillion robots 
yeah...kiiind of a big deal.

scuba diving is one of my favorite summer sports.
i can moonwalk on the ocean floor like nobody's biznass.
that being said, i am deathly afraid of snorkeling

i am obsessed with youtube videos. 
i don't even have to find them anymore, they find me. 

i am four episodes away from finishing the sixth season of lost
and have been since last summer...

i  am currently obsessed with:
ke$ha and death cab
my main man billy and writing. 
stripes, blazers and colored tights. 

now on to some actually stylish/hip bloggers.
every time i read these blogs i wish i could take little pieces of their lives and keep them for myself.
so stylish. so nice. so hip. so phresh.  

khyrie || good news is coming
lauren ||
harley and jane || harley and jane


emilymcb said...

I got stuck on the 6th season of Lost, too! Ugh. I eventually finished though.

kylee said...

love that you did this. don't even worry i debated doing it when i was nominated too. pretty sure everyone goes through that internal debate when getting these awards. so glad to see your a lost watcher. currently obsessing over season five right now. lets just add that to our list of reasons why we should be bff's. lost lovers, red robin fries, 500 days of summer and super hott indie boy stalking.

kelli christine case said...

do you know what i just remembered?
the time i rode home from trek with your family and your dad took us to breakfast? i'm pretty sure you were there. and i'm pretty sure i still remember to this day how respectful your dad was to his daughters and how i wished i belonged in a family like yours. i am not joking. please tell me you were there. i swear you were there.