Sunday, January 23, 2011

famous people flock to me.

yesterday i ate lunch with this gentleman.
and then made babies with this sexbeast.
i love my life.

sidenote: i love how my baby daddy, james franco, looks like my dreamboat james dean.  also, did you know frankie-boy is a genius?  please take the time to read his bio and become extremely jealous that i am carrying his child.  and mostly because i just can't stop are some more glorious photos.
it really is creepy how similar they look.


kylee said...

james dean is as good looking as they get.

emilymcb said...

Ahhh I love James Dean.

beth said...

mmmm baby. i loved saturday. like woah.

lauren said...

i hate you. ok no i dont. but just know you are on the line between love and hate right now. I was supposed to carry james' child!!!