Thursday, March 10, 2011

my cheeks hurt from smiling.

yesterday was hectic.
i wrote two articles in an hour,
finished up an audio news story in two  
and went home to eat my first meal of the day
 at 3:56 in the afternoon.
then i had to for my media law midterm.
i took a power nap that really only lasted twenty minutes.
i survived my midterm and walked away fairly confident.
then i hopped in my car and drove home.
all the way home.
care to know why?
it's because this face
this sweet, sweet face came home.
granted, it's not the happiest of circumstances,
{his foot is messed and the physical therapy down in mexico is not cutting it. there is a chance he might need surgery but hopefully some intense rounds of physical therapy and rest will make him good as new so he can get back out.}
but it's still good.
hearing his voice, hugging him, sitting next to him at the dinner table,
laughing with him, looking at mission pictures, just talking with him
was so.good.
it's quite surreal.
it felt like i was dreaming. 
it felt like the best dream ever.

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