Wednesday, March 9, 2011

last month i went to a birthday/dance party.
they had a girl play photographer and take pictures.
the birthday boy the decided to dedicate three facebook albums to these pictures.
i refused to be tagged because of the sheer awesomeness of my portraits.
after reviewing all these photos and making this collage
i came to the realization that i am xxhardcorexx.
i mean, you can't fake the moves that match those faces.
no way jose. 
that right there is pure skill. 
and while this last one does not feature my face, i promise it does have a purpose.
two actually.
a. that dance-dirty brown hair is mine.
b. i wanted to show you the creep with the cup.

you're welcome. 


kylee said...

creep with the cup looks oddly familiar. i would think i know the cup creep.

david-and-emily said...

baha love this post! What a great blog :)

Diana Smith said...

haha looks like so much fun!