Saturday, December 18, 2010

double layer fleece blanket.

after taking three finals in one day,
being stuck in traffic for a lot longer that i'd have liked
and not getting more than eight hours of sleep in a 72-hour period,
i'm home.
i'm home and i'm happy.
right now i'm lying in my bed in my mami's study.
i lost my room four years ago to my baby sister.
my national geographic cut-outs and dream collages
have been replaced with jonas brothers posters and rough pencil drawings.
i can hear mom and dad downstairs
speaking spanglish and preparing for our family christmas party.
yesterday i woke up at 11:39 to two tragic text messages
about the provo tabernacle. 
i ate lucky charms for breakfast and spent the entire day,
well, until 3:17,
sitting on the couch with my mom.
we each had our own fleece blanket and couch.
we just sat there,
looked at each other and talked.
it was golden.
i miss my mommy talks.
she's kiiind of my best friend.
i miss her when i'm gone.
but now i'm home
and it's good.

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