Monday, February 8, 2010

sometimes i...
paint my nails instead of study because "they're going to start chipping."
remember that i'm going to an epic concert tomorrow with my beff.
like to sit on the grass outside and watch life unfold around me.
drink so much water my stomach feels like the ocean.
headbang so hard my neck is sore for days.
get too excited when i have a new follower.
compare apples to oranges {...literally...}
whisper to talk in order to feel like a spy.
pop bubbles with my spearmint gum.
listen to music so loud my ears hurt.
get so excited my voice gets loud.
smile so much my cheeks hurt.
forget how to spell 'cheeks'.
have extreme laughing fits.
avoid doing work.
stay up too late.
am too friendly.
read too much.
can't sleep.

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