Monday, April 13, 2015

this sickness has got to go.

i started writing this past weekend down in list form
and i realized it would be 100% confusing to try to understand it
if you weren't me or cory.
and, i mean, i know that's how most of my wiiknd lists go, 
but this one was getting ridiculous.

so here's the deal.
cory had to finish up an install project on saturday which had him
gone most of the day.
like 9-7.
i woke up with half a sore throat
and my left ear aching. 
it wasn't great, but it was manageable. 
it got progressively worse as the day wore on
and morphed into body aches, chills to hot flashes, dizziness, nausea.
you know, all that good stuff.
every time cory asked me how i was doing,
i simply told him my head and throat hurt.
mostly because i felt this, while accurate, would have been too dramatic.
by six i couldn't take it anymore,
so cory called his dad to come over and help.
god bless daddy al. 
he took jude while i brought ezra in bed with me
and let him kick while i slowly died.
the next thing i knew, cory was right by my side with the most worried look on his face.
i guess my "i'm fine" texts weren't suuper accurate
which led to a quick but real talk about me needing to be honest
via text when i'm basically dying. 
he brought me a sprite and a sea salt caramel talenti
and i could have kissed him right on the mouth if i weren't worried about infecting him.
cory took the best care of me all night.
he made me dinner and played with my hair.
he rubbed my shoulders and turned on my lavender diffuser. 
he pumped me full of medicine and let me rest.
yeah, serious heart eyes over here.

sunday was worse than saturday.
we ended up at "insta"care only to wait one and a half hours
before we got seen by the doctor. 
"it's strep." 
i opted for the penicillin shot in my [almost] butt
and found out i wouldn't be contagious after 24 hours.
we stopped by fresh market on our way back home
for ginger ale, saltines and some aunt jemima butter syrup
cuz, yolo. 
we also made a pit stop at maverick
for an xxl cup of pebble ice and a ddp.
cory took the babes downstairs while i scoured netflix for some decent trash tv.
n o t h i n g. 
hulu ended up saving the day with real world: skeletons. 
after jude went down for the night,
i asked cory if he wanted to come in bed to watch tv with me.
"i mean, i wanna spend time with you,
but i don't want to be near you..."
what with the germs and all.
after an hour i tricked him into letting me go downstairs to be with him 
with some ice cream and new girl
and the promise i'd sit on the other end of the couch.
tru luv, ppl.

oh, and let's give a shout out to my doctor
who told us not to be "intimate" so i wouldn't get cory sick.


meg bird said...

hahaha. Oh your gifs are always on-point. What a sweet husband!

Lex said...

Yuck. Feel better! :(

Maggey Grace said...

BRISSA, you even managed to text kylee and i while you were sick and dying. You!!

I love you and Cory. And the babes. I love your family. FEEL BETTER!