Wednesday, April 15, 2015

fifteen months: smarts and stuff.

21.something pounds
31 inches long.

mama. daddy. ezra. ita. kiki. appa. angel. amma. nonna.
nana. cheese. bite. baba. ball.
walk. bath. hi. bye. baby. buddy. 
anna. olaf. elsa. barney.
owl. puppy. snack. please. thank you. book.
no, no, no (sassy finger wag included).
eye. mouth. boca. belly button.
these are all words she can say on her own,
but lately she's been repeating the words we say and it is so great.

she can point to her
eyes/ojos, nose, ears, mouth/boca,
hair, toes and belly button.

her understanding of words and objects is incredible
she will walk to her stroller, stop and say, "walk?"
after dinner when i ask her if she wants a bath she says,
"bah? bah?!" tugs at her seatbelt and runs to the bathroom after she's down.
when we tell her to give ezra kisses when he cries,
she runs over to him and gives him a big ol' smooch.
when we ask her to look for something, like the lid to ezra's bottle,
she hunts around the room looking for it until she finds it. 
she tried to clip olaf's fingernails for pete's sake!

when she sees cheese she says, "cheese!"
when she sees a cow she moo's.
when she sees a sheep she baa's. 
every time she sees an owl she says "ow-a!"
when she sees a banana she says, "nana!"

when asked what these animals say,
she responds with the cutest (and correct!) little noises.
cow. sheep. owl. puppy. kitty. piggy. 
elephant. froggy. monkey. lion.

she quit using her binkie and bottle in the same week.
she recently mastered climbing down the stairs.
she prefers running to walking.
outside is her favorite place to be.
she likes to pick up sticks and eat rocks.

she is so smart and so sassy
and i am so glad she is ours. 


Madi said...

that picture is perfect

-Danica- said...

I love this little child. And I agree with madi, that picture is perfect.

Krystal // Village said...

omg. i haven't read blogs in forever and she is FIFTEEN MONTHS OLD. i feel like in a time warp. adorable.

kyliebrooke|s said...

so so so so darling. and of course she has sass. that's the best.
also i did a big ol blog catch up and just always blog and i think you're the best. really, i just love reading your posts. you keep it real and it is so refreshing and inspiring.
sappy comment over.