Tuesday, March 31, 2015

little zini.

i like the way you love your arms swaddled tight to sleep 
and how you freak out if there is any blanket touching your feet. 
we get it. your puppies need to breathe.

i love your sweet little lopsided head.

i like how your toes have started to go goofy like jude's
and how they always seem to trap lint.
even when you're not wearing socks...

i love how much you love to be held and worn and snuggled.

i like the way you kick your legs during your puppy dreams
and how your whole body shakes when you laugh in your sleep.

i love you so much, sweet boy.
you make everything brighter and better. 


Kayla said...

hi baby ezra, you are perfect and adorable.

Kari said...

Your children are prefect.

Tiffany said...

awwww i love it! so adorable!

meg bird said...

Have to agree with Kari up there. Because, yes, they are perfect.