Friday, September 26, 2014

ginger snaps.

"sweetheart, i love you,
but if you keep singing that song, 
i'm going to push you down the stairs."
- cory's thoughts on fancy

literally two days later.
c: i'm so fancaaaaay
b: excuse me? didn't you just threaten to push me 
down the stairs if i sang that song again?
c: yeah... but it's my jam now.
i-g-g-y. i-g-g-y.

"peanut butter juju time.
peanut butter juju time."

"your teeth are like little marshmallows i can eat."

"i'm too tired for you to be doing this."
please note, this was addressed to me not jude.

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kylie said...

okay look at this bday card i got for justin bc we have been driving each other crazy by singing that song all the time always:

PS that is a real link, but bc it's an etsy listing, it's hella long but i promise it's not a virus