Wednesday, September 24, 2014

and now for a post about my baby with pictures and words that have nothing to do with each other.

i didn't think babies could really fall asleep anywhere
until it happened to jude.
and it was just the cutest thing i've ever seen. 
 she's been walking around furniture for about a month.
sometimes, i'll catch her standing without holding onto anything.
as soon as she realizes what she's doing, she reaches for whatever's closest or falls down.
if i try to get her to stand, or walk while i hold on to her,
she makes her legs go limp and refuses to do anything other than crawl.
jude is a champ when it comes to finding binkies.
we'll be down in the basement and she will have one binkie.
the next time i look at her, 
sometimes within two minutes,
she will have a different binkie in her mouth
and one in each hand.
it always baffles me because i take my flashlight under the couch
multiple times a day to find the missing binkies with no success.
i've learned it's best to not question
weird baby magic. 
she's a feisty pants.
this past weekend we kept telling her not to eat power cords
or play with the baseboard heaters at the cabin,
instead of listening, she would stare at us and keep doing her thang.
at one point, when my verbal "staaaaahp's" hadn't worked,
i started crawling toward her so she'd stop playing with the heater
she saw me coming, stopped, flipped around, and acted real interested in the carpet.
when i got to her, she smiled like, 
"aw, hey mom! just doing what you told me to do!"
*insert emoji of monkey covering his eyes here*
her little teeth kill me.
she's currently working on numbers seven and eight (maybe nine?)
and the drool is so bad.
like, so bad.
yesterday, she yawned and when she closed her mouth,
a giant stream of drool escaped with it.
no outfit is safe. 
she's the best. 
i'm so lucky to have such a great little buddy.


Kayla said...

I LOVE HER, everything about her! my favorite is her playing with the baseboard heaters until you crawled over though. haha! smart girl.

meg bird said...

"i've learned it's best to not question
weird baby magic."

This is good advice! I'll be sure to remember it!

Elizabeth Baier said...

oh my gosh. so cute. i could eat her.

kylie said...

this is a darling post plus the pictures are adorable. also, i didn't realize she was already standing/walking and tooth #8 age. holy crap!

Crystal said...

Isn't it just the best when they randomly fall asleep in the strangest of places? :). Cute pics