Wednesday, November 20, 2013

it's spelled matie but pronounced mattie.

about a month after cory's parents got matie,
we decided it would be "fun" to take him for the weekend.
i'm not sure what we thought it was going to be like,
but reality quickly set us straight.
watching matie for the weekend meant 
shallow, sleepless nights,
constantly checking to make sure he was breathing,
being too paranoid to take a shower,
as stressful as it was,
nothing beat spending the entire day holding a baby.
he fit perfectly in my arms and stared at me with those big, blue eyes.
he stopped fussing when he saw the christmas lights
and was calmest when cory held him.
he slept and i watched.
waiting for him to wake up
so i could keep on staring.
mathew is the first baby cory really held and cared for.
i saw him change overnight.
the first day he was hesitant to do anything but sit while holding matie
and the next he had him slung in his arm like a football, walking all over the house.
it was amazing.
it is amazing.
i can't help but get emotional
when i think of how much we love matie.
then my heart stops when i think of how much we're going to love
our little baby.
then i see pictures like this and my heart beats double time.
look at that love in his eyes.
look at that pure, sweet love.
babygurl is going to have more love
than she's going to know what to do with. 
26 days and counting. 


Krystal said...

this is so sweet, and so is matie! so fun that they each will have someone special to grow up with :)

Christina @ The Murrayed Life said...

I had missed your post from before about Matie and how SWEET. (And sad that he ended up needing foster care. :( ) How did your in-laws end up getting him?? Do you think they might adopt? I love him. I'm all sorts of excited for a newborn now just because of these two posts about this sweet little dude!

-Danica- said...

Ugh. I'm crying again. These hormones have got to end at SOME point.

I can't wait till all the pictures you post are full of little girly's face. You're sooooo close!

Ashley said...

can you just quit it with the cute?!?

Sara said...

You know how obsessed I am with that little boy. ALL THE TEARS ARE COMING NOW.