Wednesday, December 5, 2012

and suddenly, poop is cute.

a few weeks before thanksgiving,
cory's family was blessed
with the greatest gift.
matie is cory's newborn foster brother.
it's a sad situation
but i'm so glad he's in our lives.
i hope he stays forever.
i love him.
i couldn't keep him a secret any longer.
he's already taken over
my instagram feed, 
and that little mug is just too cute
not to share with the entire universe.
i didn't think it was possible
to love someone so much, so quickly.
but this little boy
has completely stolen my heart.
and seeing how much cory loves him 
 just kills me.
sorry i'm not sorry*
for potentially turning into this into 
a babymamadrama zone.
i just love him.

*this and yolomofo are my favorite phrases lately. 
keeping it classy.


-Danica- said...

ahhhhh what a cutie!! I hope he stays forever too. What a blessing for your family!

Cara H said...

Please keep him on your blog all day every day forever. I love him too. Also, I love 'sorry I'm not sorry' so much that I've gotten Dan to say it. Also also, please tell me you got my Brisingr email.

Crystle said...

The baby bug! It's contagious!

Aren't babies so cute?? Can't wait for mine to get here...I say it like I'm waiting for UPS to drop her off. Ha!

Krystal said...

oh MAN he is adorable!!! it's weird but i have a newfound respect for how cute they are after having one, haha! i guess i had never been around babies before!

p.s. that thrift store song plays in clubs here, it's incredible.

Ashley said...

He looks like a little popeye in one of those photos :)

Dearest Lou said...

aww he is too adorable! i totally know what you mean by poop is cute. it will probably remain cute until they begin to eat solids then the poopoo becomes stinky haha (;