Thursday, October 31, 2013


sitting at my kitchen table,
 eating a vanilla pudding cup,
and wishing i had a tight black and white dress
so i can dress up as my favorite
pregnant kim k. for the night.

you'd think with everything fitting so snug
on this pregnant body,
finding a black dress in my closet
would be a breeze.
it's not.
i don't even like pudding cups.

first world problems.
am i right?
i am open to any and all
pregnant costume suggestions
that don't involve juno,
turning my belly into an oven with a bun inside,
or dressing up as a giant can of prego pasta sauce.

fun fact:
i absolutely hate the word prego
when referring to a pregnant woman.
always have.
always will.

 happy halloween.
texas forever.


Kerri Andersen said...

i saw a couple where the girl was pregnant. her husband was a quidditch player (seeker) and she was a snitch. her belly was the snitch. i loved it! but only if you love harry potter...

megan danielle said...

i hate prego too, hate it.

Julie and Jesse said...

What about preggie?

Ps I'm fb messaging u a costume idea. It's kind of scary.

Krista said...

Ugh prego. ME TOO.

kandice breinholt said...

"prego" warrants a cringe and an eye roll every. time.

why do people insist upon repeating juno references like no one's heard them all before (over and over and over?!)

thanking my higher power for you, sister. because, again, we are the same.

kylie said...


Lauren Hall said...

I hate and love the pumpkin and sign.

carla thorup said...

So, that pumpkin and sign is basically amazing. why did i not notice how awesome it was before?