Friday, October 25, 2013

an apologetic rant followed by a few of my favorite things.

first thing's first.
i'd like to take this moment and publicly apologize
to every pregnant woman whose belly i have ever asked to touch.
i am so, so sorry.
if only i knew then what i know now.
it's awful.
 just because there's a baby inside,
doesn't make it public property.
while i'm grateful i never rubbed your belly like a lamp
waiting for a genie to pop out,
i still feel sorry for the whole belly-touching thing.

personality update:
i still hate people.

on to happier things.

internet cats and pizza!
does life get any better?!
happy weekend, children.
may your pizzas be greasy and your bellies untouched. 


Cassie Traasdahl said...

i'm kind of terrified of being pregnant because i HATE being touched in general and i won't be able to handle people touching my belly. like i'll probably tell them no and run away.

Sara said...

*sigh* you just get me. and now i need pizza.

meg bird said...

I've never understood the belly touching. Was that ever appropriate when these women weren't pregnant? No. So why would it be appropriate now? I'm planning on slapping people's hands. If I ever decide to have babies.