Friday, October 25, 2013

it's friday and i just can't stop talking.

i spent the morning playing guitar,
plucking my eyebrows and googling curtains.

this afternoon i gave myself a mediocre crown braid,
 wished i could perm my hair like lorde,
and cursed my real life hair
for not looking as red as my picture hair.

"wrecking ball" is stuck in my head
and i can't help but feel for miley.

there is a dog barking somewhere in my neighborhood
and sparky just won't quit. 

i plan on spending the rest of my friday
hand washing my dishes,
trying out a new cookie recipe,
dreaming of lorde's hair,
and praying for 5:45 to get here already
so my weekend can finally begin.

post edit:
sparky quit barking.
let the celebratory baking begin!


Abbey said...

Wrecking ball will not get out of my head either. And I definitely feel for her too. Your braid looks lovely! Mine won't do that... :)

Andrea said...

Your braid is glorious!

Emma Jane said...

Um sorry. THIS is mediocre? Looks sensational to me! I want!

Tightrope to the Sun

Julie and Jesse said...

your hair looks amazing!