Thursday, August 1, 2013

sh*t [teenage] girls say

at girl's camp,
my sciatica was acting up 
and my favorite little leg reader had a bum knee.
so when the rest of our group went on a hike,
we opted to stay behind and hangout at the waterfront.

one of the leaders came up to us and asked us
what activity our ward was doing.
i told her they went hiking
and we stayed behind because homegirl had a bum knee.
before i could even mention my pinched nerve,
this little spitfire blurts out:

"she can't go on the hike 
because she's overweight."


later she told me she meant to say
i was pregnant not overweight.
i'm not buying it.
first she calls me horse legs
now this?
homegirl has it out for me.


Kelli Anderson said...

bahahahahahah omg teenagers

Alex said...

Yo I'm gonna punch her.

meg bird said...

Wow. I would have slapped her.

-Danica- said...

Homegirl needs to watch what's coming for her.

Alissa said...

Can you "accidentally" smack the back of her head? And then later say there was a bee flying around her, and you were just trying to swat it away?

I spent the morning with our 17 year old intern. It was brutal.

Sara said...

hahahaha. yesterday trey's grandma told me that she thought i had just gained weight and had no idea i was pregnant - when i actually wasn't pregnant yet. ppl r kewl.

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

Hahah! Amazing. And so awful for She is lucky you have a good sense of humor!