Thursday, June 6, 2013

five favorite blogs.

my brain isn't functioning in a way
for me to properly pick five of my favorite blogs.
each blog i read, i like for different reasons
and i like each of the people behind them.
don't ever make me pick.

that being said,
here pictures of things
tumblr says i'm obsessed with.
flowers and new girl.
but what else is new?

4 comments: said...

THIS IS WHY WE ARE SOUL MATES. and i'm a fake ginger so it works #jessandnick4lyf

April said...

Flowers and New Girl - there are worst things to be obsessed with.

kylee said...

i hate when new girl isn't giving me new episodes each week. i feel so empty. and i am NOT exaggerating.

Ashley said...

hahahahaha. I just love the last photo of nick with the asian dude...some the best stuff right thurrr