Monday, April 15, 2013

wiiknd: 3d dinosaurs gave me a tension headache and

wedding reception.
sneaky slip showings.
le tigre reunion.
reminiscing former "party days."
"spicy, spicy, spicy."
nail sticker peeling.
free ice cream.
wendy's + workaholics.

sweet, sweet slumber.
jurassic park 3d.
 stomach = nervous wreck.
in your face raptors.
"i hate stupid newman."
baby babbles for ten solid minutes.
shakes for supper.

"hi, sweetie. wake up. it's 8:30."
nine o'clock church.
presidency meeting.
 after meeting meeting = golden.
grilled cheese lunch.
the voice.
open windows.
this is 40.
quiche [lorraine].
books in bed. *
pillow talk.

*actual reading, not a fancy move.

1 comment:

Lauren Hall said...

OMG I watched Jurassic Park for the first time ever!! Were you a Jurassic park virgin too?