Monday, April 8, 2013

wiiknd: #ldsconf was the sunshine that warmed and filled my soul

closet color coordinating.
open windows.
house cleaning.
pulled pork + cole slaw.
 jazz tickets.
the voice.
ice cream.

early up.
bountiful baskets.
nap fail.
one pound of bacon.
 costco run.
centerville for the pm.
pretzel m&m's. 
girls night with baby girl.
catch up.
breaking dawn pt. 2.
nail painting.
mami = home.

simple breakfast.
missionary news.
ogden for the pm.
baby feeding = messy, err'where.
the voice.
beyond exhausted.
"i will love you if you're 90 pounds
or 490 pounds. i will always love you."


Courtney B said...

I haven't done a bountiful basket in WAY TOO LONG! I need to sign up for one next week!
Wasn't conference just the best?

Anonymous said...

i think a coordinated color closet is the only way to live. truth. that, and those special people who will love you at 490 lbs. boyfriend claims he is bloated all the time, but i've got his back.

Madi said...


meme-and-he said...

sometimes I just read through your weekend posts mid-week to take a mini vacation. Seriously, anything with pretzel M&M's involved, I'm sold.