Saturday, February 9, 2013

i'm not trying to be dramatic, it just happens naturally.

before i met you,
one of my biggest fears was loving more than i was loved.
it was a fear that followed me
from the locker-lined hallways of high school
to the dance party weekends of college.

i didn't think i was capable of being in a relationship
longer than two months.
i always made the mistake of falling too quickly
and it always came back to bite me.

 i thought something was wrong with me.
i thought i was the problem.
i thought i was broken.

then it happened.
you told me you loved me
before my heart could even label what it was feeling.
you told me you loved me
and none of my worries seemed valid.
none of my fears could hold up a fight
and for the first time,
my heart felt safe.
thank you for loving me back.
thank you for protecting my heart.
thank you for making all the pain and heartache
and nights i spent crying over stupid boys worth it.

thank you for asking me to be your wife.
for making these past six months
the happiest,
the hardest,
and the absolute best six months 
i have ever lived.

thank you.

i love you.
i love you.
i love you.


kylee said...

and now i'd like to introduce you to the sappy, crying, happy-for-you, heart-beating-out-of-her-chest kylee. she digs this post big time.

Alex said...


Sierra said...


So perfect.

Chantel said...

LOVE this!!

megan danielle said...

i love this and being in love is so dang wonderful isnt it?

Ashley said...

Oh goodness. I love how in love you are. SO beautiful. :) said...

you are actually a princess. i am totally convinced you are a sassy liz lemon princess and he is your ginger criss prince. you guys are just the cutest together and you deserve all the happies and butterflies and kisses and all things lisa frank-y. [/sappymackenzie]

Ashley said...

God, I love this so much.

Can I just say, I loved before the ginger did ;) hehehe.

Bianca said...

Isn't it amazing when you find it? The thing you've always dreamed but never knew it would really happen? So glad you have him Brissa. Makes me smile for you!

carla thorup said...


Jessica said...

Love this. You two are perfect.

Kelli Anderson said...

<3 i love you two